Collection: Candle crystals

Introducing the Candle Gnome Crystals Collection, featuring our crystal candle technology that provides a smarter and safer alternative to traditional candles. Made from natural Candle Gnome crystals, these clean-burning candles emit a medium to mild scent throw and can be endlessly customized with fragrance or essential oils. Each crystal can be refilled and reused with a new wick to create a brand new candle each time. The collection offers a variety of scents, including Dreamy Dunes, Festive Fir, Lazy Lulu, Mellow Mocha, Misty Monte, Sorry Sucker, Yummy Yule, and Zesty Zen. Our plant-based wax crystals are sustainably sourced and non-toxic, making them safe for use around people and pets.

Discover the Candle Gnome Crystals Collection: clean-burning, refillable candles made from natural wax. Enjoy customizable scents like Dreamy Dunes, Festive Fir, and Mellow Mocha. Handcrafted with plant-based wax for a soothing ambiance. Shop Candle Gnome in Ballymena for enchanting fragrances and candle accessories.