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Candle Gnome

Candle Gnome Crystals

Candle Gnome Crystals

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Our crystallized candle is a smarter and safer alternative to traditional candles.

Candle Gnome crystals are natural and burn cleanly with minimal smoke or soot. Use Candle Gnome crystals to turn any container, vase, or bowl into a unique candle - just fill it with crystals, insert one of the included wicks, and light it! The crystals will melt around the wick and emit a fragrance if you pick one of our scented products. The unscented product is great for people who like the ambiance of candles but are sensitive to scents. You can also add your own fragrance oils to the Scent-Free product, just please be careful and experiment at your own risk and comfort level.

You can refresh, refill, and reuse the unmelted crystals with a new wick to make a brand new candle each time you light it. Please review safety instructions before use. When used correctly, crystallized candles are safer than traditional candles for two reasons. They self-extinguish when accidentally tipped over (and the mess is easier to clean than traditional candle wax!). Since the wick is designed to not reach the bottom of the container, it also self-extinguishes when it reaches the end of the wick without heating up the container.

Candle Scents:

Please note Candle Gnome Crystallized Candles are designed to provide a unique candle experience that's fully customizable, refreshable, and naturally clean-burning. They're also often used for unique centerpieces & visual displays on dining tables. For those reasons, they're designed to have a medium to mild scent throw, so if you're looking for a strongly scented candle, Candle Gnome might not be right for you.

Scent-Free is pure, natural, and unscented, designed to be endlessly customizable with fragrance or essential oils. Just add a few drops close to the wick before lighting it to give it your own favorite scent!


Our plant-based wax crystals are made from highly purified and certified sustainably sourced components extracted from palm trees. They are non-toxic, paraffin-free and burn cleanly with minimal smoke, but they're not edible. While we expect the product to be non-toxic to pets, no specific testing has yet been done on animals to confirm this, so we recommend keeping it away from all kids and pets.


Introducing Candle Gnome's Commitment to Eco-Friendly Crafting

At Candle Gnome, we take pride in crafting our products with a deep respect for the environment. Our candles are created using a harmonious blend of eco-conscious, natural, and vegan ingredients, ensuring your home is not only beautifully scented but also kind to the planet.

Our candles are made from a combination of soy and palm wax, both renewable resources that leave minimal ecological footprint. The wicks are meticulously crafted from authentic cotton, providing a clean and sustainable burn. The jars housing our candles are crafted from plaster, lending a touch of elegance while being entirely recyclable.

We believe in the power of nature's palette, which is why we use natural scent oils and paints. These elements not only create enchanting aromas but also reflect our commitment to an eco-friendly ethos. Our entire production process is designed with sustainability in mind, allowing you to enjoy our candles guilt-free, knowing that they leave no harm to our precious planet.

Choose Candle Gnome for a truly eco-conscious indulgence, where every flicker of light enhances both your space and the world around us.


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