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Collection: Support for Ukraine

Unleashing Creativity for a Cause: Ballymena Art Club Joins Hands with Candle Gnome to Support Ukraine 🌍🕯️

In a powerful display of unity and compassion, the Ballymena Art Club recently came together with Candle Gnome to lend their artistic talents for a noble cause. The collaboration aimed to support Ukraine.

 In Ballymena, where Ukrainian children and the wonderful people of Northern Ireland came together. We shared a special moment as we painted beautiful designs on candle glasses, filled with love and creativity.

These unique candle glasses, adorned with our collective artwork, Now showcased on our website, Each purchase of these candles will make a meaningful impact, as all profits will be dedicated to supporting our brave soldiers in their fight against the challenges they face.

Join us in spreading light, hope, and unity. Visit our website to discover these exceptional candles and contribute to a noble cause. Together, we can make a difference! 🕯️💚🤝