From Ukraine to Antrim: Our Story | Candle Gnome Ballymena

From a peaceful life in Ukraine to the Glens of Antrim

Our story begins in Ukraine, where we were a happy family living a peaceful life. But everything changed when the war with Russia broke out. We had to flee our home, leaving everything behind, to seek refuge in Northern Ireland.

Meet our family

My name is Andrii and my wife's name is Liubov. We have two wonderful children, and we are grateful to the people of Northern Ireland who took us in during our time of need. Especially, we are thankful to Henry and Clare O'loan, who took us in and supported us while we were getting back on our feet.

The Candle Gnome concept

To start a new life, we decided to create Candle Gnome, an online store specializing in high-quality candles and garden ornaments. Our candles are made from premium natural wax and essential oils, providing a long-lasting, clean burn with beautiful fragrances. Our garden ornaments are designed to bring warmth, beauty, and comfort to any living space.

Making a difference – our pledge to the soldiers back in Ukraine

But we didn't just want to create a business; we wanted to make a difference. That's why we decided to donate 10% of our profits to a charity fund to help Ukrainian warriors. Every purchase made in our store helps our soldiers liberate their native land and bring peace to our homeland.

Feeling welcomed in Northern Ireland

We are proud to be part of the Northern Ireland community and hope that our products can bring joy and happiness to your home, just as Northern Ireland has brought us so much hope and happiness in our lives.